With Fortus Pay, you do not have to think about the risk of not getting paid and you can offer a wider selection of payment methods for your customers.


Invoice financing

With us, your clinics can issue invoices to their patients without worrying about whether they will be paid. Fortus International Finance AB takes over the risk on all approved invoices and guarantees payment to the clinic.

Part Payments

In addition to invoicing the clinics can offer their patients to pay in installments. The clinic still receives a full payment by Fortus International Finance AB who takes over the risk. The clinics have the opportunity to offer up to 12 months interest free part payment. Up to 36 months with interest.

Interest free: 12 months
Longest installment period: 36 months, with interest


Treatment Account

For the patients who have regular treatments we can offer a treatment account. This account provides the customer with an available credit space able to be used exclusively at the clinic. All payments with the treatment account are paid by Fortus Finance to the clinic. Fortus Finance takes over the payment risk.

The customers can choose to pay these invoices in installments.